A few years ago, at a company whose name everyone here knows…


A few years ago, at a company whose name everyone here knows I, an old gray-hair, almost lost my full-time job for warning a VP that she was about to make a mistake I’d seen before. I honestly thought she was joking when she told me about the approach she was going to use to deal with a “hard deadline” of four months. I laughed along with her joke until, with a shock, we both realized that I was actually laughing at her actual plan. She became indignant and ended our meeting (just the two of us), getting me transferred for “not being supportive of the team” and trying, unsuccessfully, to get me fired.

She gave the job to her three dozen “supportive” young programmers, who ended up taking 28 months (!!) to get the “4-month” project finally working.

So, after all that, did she eventually apologize and tell me that, yes, she’d made the same mistake I told her I’d seen before with the same results for the same reason, and that she should have at least asked me more about it instead of throwing me out? Of course not. This is the real world. She never spoke to me again and never forgave me.